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How to improve your productivity by eating the right power foods

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If your mother didn’t tell you at every available opportunity, then health magazines certainly did; you should eat a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy. However, were you also aware that there are certain foods that can boost your brain power and make you feel happier? Known collectively as …

Excalibur House Serviced Office Newport UK

Making the office your own: the tips from the best!

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When your business moves into a new office, one of the first things you’ll want to do is put your own stamp on it to set the right atmosphere for your team. However, between choosing what stays, goes, or needs to be found, it can be difficult to know where …

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The 4 personality types you’ll encounter in every office job

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Sure, you may have held a variety of different job roles over the years, but everyone who’s worked in an office or two will know there are certain types of people that you’ll meet in every single one. In fact, even if you’re now working in an entirely different sector …

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Top tips for making the most of your office space

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There’s no doubt about it; with renting an office, hiring your employees, and ensuring you have all the resources you need to make your business a success, starting your own company can be very costly. With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that many companies want to maximise their …

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5 ways serviced offices can boost your business

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For smaller businesses, start-ups and everything in between, renting a serviced office space can be a great way of establishing your reputation and upholding a professional image while helping to cut the costs of basing your business in a prime location. As Cerys Ashley, a HR Consultant and owner of ...

Further development of Excalibur House

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The further development of Excalibur House is moving along quickly. Offices have been built (and some sold). The contractors have moved on to the reception area, which is now taking shape. The new fit out will be very contemporary in appearance with fabulous wall coverings, original artwork and state of …


Excalibur House refit

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With the demand being high for our serviced offices at our Newport location, junction 24 of the M4, – Merlin House – we have chosen to extend our offering in that area and to add a further 100 workstations to the property portfolio at Langstone. Work begins today, the last day …