Our Story

1970s-officeBack in the dim and distant 1980s, renting an office could be something of a nightmare. It often meant taking on a long and onerous lease, usually of no less than three years. There was no such thing as a short-term let, and the concept of a serviced office was nothing more than a pipe-dream.

Most office buildings at this time were grim and forbidding places, where the clatter of the last mechanical typewriters hammered away in unwelcoming cubicles, all illuminated by harsh strip lighting. Choking fugs of cigarette smoke still filled many a workplace: the office was a place in which many of us felt trapped by both our rigid leases, and the appalling conditions.

1970s-officeBut by the early 1990s, change was in the air.

Landlords faced with empty buildings and high maintenance costs started to subdivide their properties, and the concept of the serviced office was born. Rombourne was an early adopter, building the first such offices in South Wales. We’ve never looked back.

offices-bristol-cardiff-newport-swindon_DSC08884It was the start of a revolution that has transformed the way we spend our working lives. Today, our offices are well-designed and thoughtfully furnished – they’re places you can enjoy spending your working life, places that look good and are clean and comfortable. The office is no longer a prison – not least because your commitment need not be for any longer than three months. We take care of all the hassle: the maintenance, the reception, the cleaning and the rates. We do what we’re good at, so you can focus on what you’re good at.

In the choppy waters of today’s business environment, such flexibility offers huge advantages to you and your company. We offer all the advantages of a high-spec office, without the large overheads and long-term bind. With us, if the economic weather changes, you can scale up or down without getting hit with extortionate financial penalties.


The future

In line with our policy of organic expansion, we are now considering other locations in the South West and also along the M4 corridor towards London. Towns of particular interest include: Plymouth, Portsmouth, Exeter, Taunton, Bournemouth, Swindon, Reading, and Oxford.

Although the company’s existing portfolio is exclusively freehold Rombourne is now prepared to consider leasehold opportunities or management agreements with other property owners. If you have a proposal you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch.