Rombourne Serviced Offices
Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic

We have been working throughout the period of “lockdown”, physically manning our buildings  to ensure that all mail and essential services for our clients are fully maintained.

We have now completed Covid-19 Risk Assessments for all of our sites, to ensure a safe environment for both Clients and Employees.  Action plans and notices are situated within all of our buildings.

We continue to monitor and review all of our actions and policies.

Rombourne Management Team.

Rombourne Statement of Intent for Clients of our Serviced Office Accommodation- following “lockdown”


Over the coming weeks as the stay-at-home restrictions begin to be lifted and you, our clients,  start to come back to your office space , we want to assure you that  we are doing all we can to help you with the process.

As you know, we have remained in occupation of our buildings.  Our Reception has remained open and the sorting of incoming mail has been a priority for us, recognising how important this is to you the client. Equally, we have remained in communication with you regarding enquiries you might have through email.  Many of you have been in communication with Directors, Managers and Reception staff and we hope you have found this of support during this time.

We have decided to now confirm with you our plans going forward and outline these below, together with some FAQs.

Return To Work Priorities include:

1. Supporting physical distancing.

Recognisable signage will be in place throughout our buildings.  Our receptions will be fitted with screens to protect our staff and our clients. Whilst we are awaiting delivery for some areas, we will have physical markings on the floor in each reception area.  In Larger kitchens or break out areas there will either floor markings to recognise the social distancing rules or there will be signage within the area.

We will be asking our clients to ensure that their visitors do not arrive early for appointments, as it is likely that seating in reception will be limited to one or two seats at maximum to ensure distancing rules are maintained.   Equally we will be asking our clients to attend to their visitors immediately rather than them waiting in the Reception area, therefore abiding by the physical distancing rules as laid down by the World Health Organisation.  We will continually monitor the use of these areas to maintain space where possible.

2. Preparing Our People

Our Reception will be manned as usual throughout the day. Our staff will be trained on how to deal with incoming clients and our new cleaning regime  In order to maintain the physical distancing rule at our reception desk, there will only be one person manning our Reception at any one time. We therefore ask our clients to understand this new way of working. To assure you, our client’s, our support staff will be based and present throughout the building and in the respective administrative offices located on site.

3. Increased Cleaning Specifications

Cleaning specifications across all buildings have been significantly increased. We have upgraded our cleaning materials; detailed specs will be placed on notice boards within the common areas, but we can also email this to you providing more detail of products should you wish.   We will be providing antibacterial/anti-viral cleaning spray and disposable towels in all shared spaces such as kitchens. Our staff will be regularly   cleaning areas such as   high-frequency touch points – door handles, lift buttons etc.   Whilst cleaning will take place throughout the day, we urge our clients to also make use the spray and disposable towels for cleaning areas should they wish to do so. Clients will find hand sanitisers in kitchens and in entrances and are encouraged via visible signage to use regularly.

4. Building Preparations

Before your return, deep cleans and full mechanical checks will be completed within all buildings, including water flushing, air filtration cleaning and mechanical checks. We will clearly display Health & Safety signage in all appropriate areas, and contractors and facilities staff will be supplied with PPE to wear. Maintenance of our mechanical systems will be increased to ensure clean and fresh air throughout our buildings wherever we can.

5. New Reception Policy

Services such as delivery of incoming mail to office suites will continue however, we will observe social distancing rules and therefore place post on the nearest surface to the office door.  We will be asking our clients to ensure safety of our staff and themselves by not remaining in the reception area for any length of time.

Common Area Policies & Meeting Room Policies

  • Lifts – we will be displaying signage that states only 1 person at any one time may use the lift.  In most instances it may be better to use the stairs.
  • Kitchens – social distancing signage, hand sanitisers and signage suggesting one person to use shared kitchens and bathrooms at any one time. Clients may prefer to make refreshments in their own office, subject of course to the usual Health and Safety regulations regarding use of electrical equipment.
  • Meeting rooms – Social distancing meetings only so please ask your local site to supply details.  Catering will not be provided at the present time (to be reviewed).  Complimentary water will continue to be supplied.  Only advanced orders for coffee and tea will be provided. This will need to be ordered at the time of booking only – (to be reviewed).

The policies outlined above   will continue to be reviewed and will be kept in line with Government guidelines and protocol.

Our main objective is to welcome you back to your workspace as smoothly and efficiently as possible, but in the meantime if you have any specific concerns or questions not answered below, please do get in touch – we’re keen to hear from you and understand more about how we can help. 


Q: What will be the procedure to report suspected or confirmed COVID-19 Cases?

A: As before, please continue to let us know if you have a suspected or confirmed case by emailing us on site. We will action deep cleans of communal spaces for confirmed cases. If you would like a deep clean of your office for a suspected case, we can arrange this for a fee.

Q: How will I access the building once lockdown is lifted?

A: The building has been accessible throughout the lockdown period and will remain this way. You will need your access card/office keys and alarm code to enter the building. If you have lost your access card you will need to complete a new access card request. Unfortunately, we will not be allowing our office keys, as we have done in the past, to be used to open your door should you have forgotten your keys during the pandemic.

Q: Will you be health screening your staff and members (e.g. taking temperatures, finger pricks) when they enter the buildings? Will you be providing PPE for employees, members and guests?

A: We will not be taking temperatures of our staff members. We will provide some of our staff where we feel appropriate with PPE. We will not be providing PPE for our clients.

Q: How will you protect your staff, and guests in the reception area? What changes will be made to member and visitor registration?

A: As detailed above ,we are taking many steps to protect all our people within common /shared spaces including the reception We will request that you respect social distancing while queuing at reception and there will be floor markings to indicate spacing recommendations in some areas. Screens will be used at Reception. Hand sanitisers will be available on all Sites at Reception.

Q: Will the building teams be available to help me?

A: Our building teams will be on hand, in person or via phone and email, to help you between the hours of 9.00 – 17.30. We want to provide you with the best possible service so if you have any questions, please email Reception at the appropriate Building and arrange a time to meet and discuss. Please note we will be adhering to social distancing practices. If you would prefer to talk over the phone or via email, just let us know.

Q: What will you be doing to protect your own staff?

A: We may introduce staggered shift patterns initially to staff the buildings between the hours of 9-5.30, to enable our teams to take advantage of quieter commuting periods. Hand sanitiser will be provided for our building teams along with antibacterial wipes for them to sanitise phones, laptops and work surfaces throughout the working day. PPE-mainly disposable gloves, will be provided to our building teams who service our meeting rooms and post areas, facilities and maintenance

Q: Will the post services be open? How will I collect my deliveries when we are back in the office?

A: The reception has continued to support you with incoming and outgoing postal services where we can. When we are fully open, subject to Royal Mail, we will provide the usual full service for you for outgoing mail. With regard to incoming parcels ,we would ask that you please collect items as soon as you are notified but it  is also useful to know exactly when you intend to pick up a parcel so we can get it ready for you.

Q: Is the building air-conditioning and ventilation system safe?

A: We acknowledge the need to provide a high level of air quality within our spaces – and recognise this is more important than ever. From the very start, Refcom (the regulatory body for F Gas systems) issued a statement which you can access via the following link:

Refcom advice on COVID-19 & A/C Systems (TB / 048)

Essentially, a well-maintained air-conditioning system will not spread coronavirus.  A full and comprehensive maintenance schedule is in place for all our sites.  We have continued to run and maintain all our systems with no shut-off during the lockdown period.

Q: Will my office be deep cleaned?

A: Offices have been regularly cleaned throughout lockdown. Prior to opening, a deep clean and sanitisation will take place in all areas, including offices. If you would like to request fogging in your office, or would like more regular deep cleans booked in, we can arrange this for you for a fee.

Q: How will you encourage and promote personal hygiene?

A: Sanitising products are now be installed at all main entrance doors, receptions, lift lobbies, and all kitchens. Best practice is still to wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, as the most effective way to maintain personal hygiene, regardless of the soap being antibacterial or not. Signage to remind members to maintain good personal hygiene will be on display.

Q: What recommendations can you make for our office?

A: We can provide signage for you to display in your office advising of personal hygiene and social distancing best practice. You may wish to consider returning your staff to work in phases or introducing shift patterns and looking to alternate seating in your offices, increasing the space in-between desks or introducing panels between desks. It is highly recommended that you provide hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for your office so your staff can sanitise keyboards, desks and phones regularly. Although we will not be providing cleaning materials to our clients Where possible, we recommend a clear desk policy so our cleaning team can thoroughly wipe desks and surfaces each evening.

Q: Will the lifts be in use?

A: The lifts will be in use, but we would ask for you to act responsibly in trying to respect social distancing where possible. We recommend you use the stairs if possible. Hand sanitiser stations will be installed in all lift lobbies.

Q: Am I able to book meeting rooms, if so, how will you facilitate social distancing and hygiene standards?

A: Our meeting rooms are available to book between the hours of 9 – 5.30 until further notice. We encourage you to use alternate seating when using the rooms and we will limit the maximum capacity based on room size until further notice. Hand sanitiser will be provided in rooms and staff, prior to your entering the room, would have cleaned the hard surfaces in the meeting room. Meetings will no longer be therefore bookable back to back, we will now allow half an hour between bookings to enable a thorough clean of the space, this will also allow time for air quality improvements

Meeting Room catering options are being reviewed. At the present time we will not be offering catering facilities. Coffee and Tea Services will only be available if pre booked through reception at the time of booking the room. We will not be able, at the present time, to provide if not previously booked. More details will be shared in due course.

Q: How are you managing your suppliers and contractors when entering and working in the buildings?

A: All contractors have been made aware of the need to work in a manner that takes into consideration enhanced safety and hygiene protocols. We have devised a set of risk assessments and control measures that all Rombourne contractors must adopt when working in our spaces including social distancing practices. We will enforce a strict monitoring and inspection regime to ensure our high standards are adhered to.