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New Year, new office: why you should consider moving to a new office space in 2018

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January is the time of year when many companies will set new budgets and devise their business plans for the next 12 months, making it the perfect time for fresh starts and opportunities. Nonetheless, this doesn’t just mean expanding your existing product or service offering, or hiring new members of staff; the New Year is also a great time to start thinking of moving to a new office space!

There are many good reasons for choosing to move your business to a new office. These include simply outgrowing your original space, as well as wanting to branch out by opening additional offices to cover more areas of the UK in order to expand your existing client base. In fact, having an office in Cardiff or Newport is ideal if you want to increase your business’s presence in Wales, while choosing a Swindon-based office will mean that you’re conveniently located on the M4 corridor. Because of this, the town is linked to many important towns and cities in the UK, including London, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea.

Even if a lack of space or business expansion isn’t the reason you want to relocate, moving your office to a new location can be beneficial because it can open up more opportunities for your company. This could be by making your office easier for any potential visitors to find and travel to, or by ensuring it’s in closer proximity to other businesses and networking venues in the area.

Ready to move to a new location in the New Year? Here’s what you’ll need to consider when choosing a new office space…

The boardroom at Kingston House - a Rombourne Serviced Office in Swindon

The boardroom at Kingston House – a Rombourne Serviced Office in Swindon

Do you need a bigger office space?

If you’re unsure of whether you’re close to outgrowing your current office space and will need to move to a larger one this year, an easy way to determine this is by measuring your existing premises. This is because as an employer, it’s your legal responsibility to provide each member of staff with at least 11 cubic metres (or 40 square feet) of floorspace to work in if the ceiling of the room is under 3.0 metres. (source: Health and Safety Executive)

To check if your office is compliant, you’ll need to divide the total volume of the room by the number of employees that would typically be working in it at one time. If you’re close to reaching the minimum amount of space needed, then it’s definitely time for you to start looking for a new office!

Bristol Serviced office AztecWestofficetorent

160 Aztec is a Rombourne serviced office at the heart of the busy Aztec West business park

Which location?

When choosing the best location for an office move, there a number of factors to consider. As well as ensuring your company premises are easy for any potential visitors to travel to for meetings and other business matters, it’s also beneficial to be based in a location with good networking opportunities and support for companies. As an example, there is plenty of support for start-ups and small businesses in Swindon, thanks to the Wiltshire Chamber of Commerce and the Swindon and Wiltshire Growth Hub. Switch on to Swindon is also a great business initiative that brings Swindon businesses together.

Another factor to take into account when choosing a new office space is whether there are any nearby facilities for you and your employees to utilise for holding meetings, as well as running errands during lunchbreaks. At Rombourne, each of our serviced offices in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, and Swindon are conveniently located near the likes of coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and retail stores.

The reception area at 33 Cathedral Road, a Rombourne serviced office

The reception area at 33 Cathedral Road, a Rombourne serviced office

Should you choose a serviced office?

Finally, you need to decide whether you’d prefer to manage your own office, or take advantage of the additional benefits of renting a serviced office in a shared building. When you choose a serviced office from Rombourne, not only can you take advantage of our fully-equipped meeting rooms and kitchen facilities, but you will also benefit from having your visitors greeted by an on-site receptionist.

Additionally, we provide our clients with all of the on-going support they need, and our friendly teams across the UK seamlessly combine a professional service with a welcoming atmosphere in our centres.

As serviced offices are a great way for businesses of all sizes to cut costs and reduce downtime, make sure you take this into consideration when choosing a new office space for your business.

To find out more about Rombourne’s great looking and fully serviced offices, contact us today. Our Swindon centre is currently undergoing renovations to create great additional luxury office spaces!