The 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World To Rent Office Space

Expensive cities

Do you know which cities in the world are the most expensive to rent office space in?

The results may surprise you!  Although our very own West End in London remains the highest at no. 1, there are some surprises in the list.  Who’d have thought, for example, that Paris would only be no.9 – less expensive than New Delhi!

Top 10 Most Expensive Office Spaces To Rent

  1. London – The most expensive place in the world to rent office space is of course London.  Office rental here averages  2,122 euro per sqm, per year.
  2. Hong Kong – Offices in this vibrant city cost an average of 1,500 euros per sqm, per year.
  3. Moscow – An office here will set you back over 1,090 euros per sqm, per year.
  4. Beijing – By the end of 2014, China will be the biggest economy in the world, surpassing even the USA.  No surprise then that it’s leapt from 7th to 4th in the list.  The average price is 1,027 euros per sqm per year in the central business district of Beijing.
  5. Tokyo –  The Capitol of Japan continues to be a dominant force in Asia, and an office here would cost you around 1,003 euros per sqm, per year.
  6. New York –  Most people would expect NY to be THE most expensive place in the world, but in fact, you can rent an office here for around 995 euros per sqm, per year.
  7. Rio de Janeiro –  The Brazilian economy is soaring at the moment; last year it notched up a 0.7% growth rate in the last quarter alone.  No wonder it costs about 991 euros per sqm here.
  8. New Delhi –  Now this may surprise a lot of people, but with its strong service industry sector, New Delhi is not as inexpensive as you may think!  An office here costs around 959 euros per sqm.
  9. Edinburgh –  A city famous for its culture and history, Edinburgh is also number 9 on our list.  You can expect to pay on average 895 euros per sqm per year for an office in the city of history. Living in Edinburgh is a wonderful opportunity and a fantastic place for economy and travel.
  10. Sydney – With its iconic buildings and contemporary lifestyle, it’s not surprising that Sydney makes it into the top 10.  An office here costs in the region of 844 euros per sqm, per year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ‘petit tour du monde’. If ever you need competitively priced, quality office accommodation in Swindon, Bristol, Cardiff or Newport – you know who to call!

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