Back To Work and Staying Safe

Back To Work and Staying Safe

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At Rombourne, the safety of our clients and our team are the number one priority. So, while most of our clients have been working from home and away from our premises, we have been taking the opportunity to ensure we can implement plans that enable social distancing. Prime Minister Boris …

Tips For Working From Home

10 Tips To Work Effectively During Coronavirus

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At Rombourne, we’re all about face to face contact with our clients and offering a great place for them to work and to network. Our offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon are usually hives of activity, with business owners and employees coming and going. But just at the moment, …

Rombourne Festive Tips

Struggling with Christmas Shopping? Festive Shopping Tips

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Shopping can be a minefield at the best of times but Christmas can present even more challenges. Simply finding the time to go shopping can be a pain and if you work 9-5, finding a time that is quiet is even harder. To make your shopping just that little bit …

Autumnal Walks Around Bristol

5 Autumnal Walks Around Bristol

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It is becoming increasingly hard to find the time for a moment to yourself. With our phones being a hub of communication, it can be difficult to switch off but exercise is an incredible antidote to this. The word ‘exercise’ can be polarising but it doesn’t have to be a …

Case Study Kelly

Case Study: Meet Kelly, Newport’s Senior Receptionist!

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At Rombourne, we pride ourselves on providing great looking offices in prime locations across the UK, including Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon. We’re also proud of our centres high-quality facilities, our flexible rental agreements, and the unbeatable level of client support our team provides. As a business, we believe it’s …

Flexible Office Space or Traditional Lease

Flexible Office Space or Traditional Lease?

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With uncertain times ahead due to Brexit looming upon us, we all feel the questionable nature of our current political situation and no one is feeling it more than businesses. With big companies reluctant to commit to the UK and smaller businesses holding off on big decisions, no one is …

Cathedral Rd office  wide

Flexible Working And Serviced Office’s

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The routes to renting office space in the South West are evolving with the traditional leased office under threat from more flexible options. Danielle Mottram, centre manager of serviced office provider Rombourne’s Kingston House office in Swindon, looks at some of the alternatives on offer and compares the strengths of …

Supply Cold Water and Snacks

How to prevent loss of productivity during a heatwave

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A heatwave, with its bright skies and soaring temperatures, is great news – if you’re able to take the day off work to stroll along the beach or spend the day sunbathing in the local park. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as welcome when you’re working indoors, particularly if your workspace …