5 Autumnal Walks Around Bristol

Autumnal Walks Around Bristol

It is becoming increasingly hard to find the time for a moment to yourself. With our phones being a hub of communication, it can be difficult to switch off but exercise is an incredible antidote to this. The word ‘exercise’ can be polarising but it doesn’t have to be a laborious trip to the gym. Instead, this could mean an autumnal walk along some of the many idyllic routes Bristol has to offer.

Within Bristol, and the surrounding areas, there is an eclectic mix of settings which showcase the best of the impressive city, providing a landscape for everyone. Autumn provides the perfect backdrop to any walk, the crisp air will instantly mellow your overactive mind and distract you from that email you have to address first thing Monday morning. Below are five different walks that you can take that are located near our serviced offices in Bristol.


It can be easy to forget how historical Bristol is as a city, especially when you live and work here, and a lot of this history was created by the harbourside. If you do not want to get your shoes too muddy by venturing out of the city, a simple walk along part of Bristol’s harbour takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but not too far away from the civilisation. You will even pass a couple of pubs on the way, if you truly need to unwind.

Brandon Hill

If you are looking to ease yourself into walking with only a short walk which isn’t too strenuous, give Brandon Hill a go. Not too far away from our St Brandons House site on Great George Street, Brandon Hill provides a great picnic spot and even better views of central Bristol. Sitting atop Brandon Hill is Cabot Tower, it is quite a climb but worth it to see the majority of Bristol.

Blaise Castle

Located close to our Trym Lodge site, the clients of our Trym Lodge site benefit from being only a short drive away from Blaise Castle. Blaise Castle has become much less about the castle and more so about the grounds. With so many routes and tiny avenues it can be easy to lose yourself and your furry friends as Blaise Castle is dog friendly.


The Arboretum which houses Summer concerts during the warmer weather becomes the most colourful playground during Autumn. Being protected by the Forestry Commission means that the trees are able to grow without too much interference from humans and it truly has created the most beautiful background for an autumnal walk. If you are the type of person who loves the crunch of leaves under your feet, make sure you make your way to Westonbirt.

Leigh Woods

If you are looking for a slightly more challenging terrain then Leigh Woods is a good option. You will be able to see Autumn at its most beautiful, displayed within the variety of woodlands. Whilst you walk, at certain spots, you can see the Avon Gorge and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Possibly a good option if you have not been to Bristol before, however it is situated on the outskirts of town so it would be important to plan this one and finding somewhere to park isn’t always the easiest.

Getting away from work and your desk is a vital part of everyone’s down time. Exercise is a great way of boosting your mood and your mental health so it should be something everyone finds time for in their busy schedules. I recommend putting on your Winter woollies on and making the most of the Autumnal season.





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