Six Ways To Appear At Your Best In Online Meetings

Six Ways To Appear At Your Best In Online Meetings

Whether you are based in the office – as many of our clients here at Rombourne are – or are now working from home, or doing a bit of both, you’ve doubtless joined the majority of us who are now holding meetings by video.

With the arrival of Covid-19 and lockdown, we were forced to conduct business online, and meeting via Zoom or Teams or some other video software became the norm.

Even when we get to the end of the pandemic and ‘new’ normal returns, it’s a fair bet that we will carry on meeting online. It’s convenient (you have access wherever you are, as long as you can get online), it saves time (no more travelling) and is better for the planet, as it undoubtedly helps reduce carbon emissions.

But meeting online is a little different from meeting face-to-face, so it is a good idea to follow best practice, and present yourself as well as possible, just as you would had you got into the car and driven to a meeting venue.

Six Tips For Online Meetings

Here are Rombourne’s top tips for giving a good impression when you meet online.

  1. Think about the setting and where you are. If you’re at home, it’s fine that people know this is the case, but do avoid a cluttered background (washing, toys, kitchen paraphernalia, children, pets) as they are distracting and don’t shout ‘professional’ at your audience. You could create a ‘green screen’ background, and ideally one that is branded to match your business.

  2. Think about lighting, which will help you look at your best. It’s better to sit in front of a window, or have a window to the side. If the window is behind you, you will be in shadow. You might also consider changing your light bulbs for ones that emit a more natural light (6500 K/Kelvin Daylight), which will ensure that on video your skin tone looks more like the real life you.

  3. Raise your webcam to eye level, or even slightly higher, so you are looking ahead or up. If you are looking down, your face may be more shadowed, your eyes appear more closed and (if you worry about these things) it could make you look double chinned!

  4. Dress professionally (as you would for face-to-face meetings) and avoid ‘busy’ fabrics. Go for block colour, but preferably not black or white as these can come across a bit blob-like.

  5. Don’t be too close up to the camera, as it gives a wide-angled view (and it can be a little too in your face for the viewer!). Sit back a little.

  6. It goes without saying that you should avoid the following: applying makeup (get that done before the meeting starts), eating (unless you have arranged to share a remote meal or coffee and cake break), turning off your camera without offering an explanation or, equally, leaving the room – it implies you’re not really paying attention.

Finally, show up on time, or you risk getting the meeting off on the wrong foot. As you haven’t had to face traffic en route to slow you down, getting to your zoom meeting punctually shouldn’t present a problem.

At Rombourne, we provide superior serviced offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon – perfect locations and backdrop whether you want to conduct meetings online or face-to-face. To chat to us about serviced offices and relocating your business, then please get in touch and we would be delighted to help.

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