Could Serviced Offices Be The Way Forward For 2021?

Could Serviced Offices Be The Way Forward

2021 has begun with Coronavirus dominating our working and home lives, and the news headlines. We’re currently in a national lockdown, and people are once again being advised to work from home.

But there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, with several vaccines now being rolled out. Spring may seem a way off, but once it arrives, with the warmer weather and a large proportion of the population having been vaccinated, life may become a little more normal.

So what will ‘normal’ look like for businesses? Many business owners are using this time to examine the way they run their organisations and – significantly – where they run them from, so when spring arrives they are best placed to hit the ground running.

Many who were once committed to having their own premises are now seeing the benefit of opting instead for serviced, flexible office space, which offers a rapid response to the changing needs of a business. Similarly, business owners once happy to be home-based are finding this a struggle with children off school and others home on furlough. The once quiet home office is now a hive of activity with family members popping in and out.

It cannot be assumed that all businesses have suffered during the pandemic, although of course sadly many have. Depending on what sector they are in, some have flourished. The pandemic has also brought out our entrepreneurial spirit with many newly unemployed people setting up their own businesses or simply, while on furlough, deciding they want a change.

Whatever the size of a business or its motivation for changing premises, serviced offices can provide a solution.

We have quality, superior office centres in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon which provide the ideal location for businesses of all sizes – from one person to many – and, we are pleased to say, we have new clients relocating to us, despite the pandemic.

So What Are The Benefits of Serviced Offices?

Oven Ready

To coin a phrase from the PM, the first significant advantage is that they are all ready to go. No need for you to look into wi-fi, furniture, reception staff, cleaners or maintenance. This is all provided for you, plus you have access to meeting rooms, breakout rooms, kitchen and bathroom facilities. And you can of course add additional services on top.

Cost Effective

Compared to leasing or buying your own premises, serviced offices are highly cost-effective, especially taking into account everything that is provided along with them. You can also be up and running from day one, with a seamless move from your current premises. No waiting around for services to be connected or fixed leases to be signed.

Rental Contract Flexibility

Our managers at Rombourne will be happy to explore flexible contracts with you, so no tying you into contracts of several years with only an occasional break clause. The licence agreements offer flexible terms to suit your needs and the size of your business.

Giving a Good Impression

Basing your business in serviced offices gives a great first impression, especially if you have clients and contacts visiting you.

At Rombourne, all our serviced office centres are decorated and furnished to superior standards, so help create that great first impression for visitors as well as a genuinely relaxing and enjoyable working environment.

We also have welcome desks and highly trained receptionists, who excel at meeting and greeting.

Location, Location, Location

If you work from home, you’ll be based in a residential area. By contrast, serviced offices are in commercial districts, with parking facilities and other enterprises surrounding them. This will bring you opportunities to meet other businesses, to network, form strategic partnerships, and even source new clients or suppliers.

Work/Life Balance

Working from home can place a strain on people’s mental health, particularly for those not used to being homebased. It can also be harder to switch off and to retain a good work/life balance when home and office are all rolled into one.

Serviced offices provide an alternative, and of course we are remaining open throughout the pandemic for those business people who aren’t able to work from home during lockdown.


There are many, many benefits to basing a business in serviced office accommodation and if this is an option you are considering we would be delighted to help. We have premises in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport or Swindon, so to arrange a visit or find out more then please get in touch.

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