Flexible Office Space or Traditional Lease?

Flexible Office Space or Traditional Lease

With uncertain times ahead due to Brexit looming upon us, we all feel the questionable nature of our current political situation and no one is feeling it more than businesses. With big companies reluctant to commit to the UK and smaller businesses holding off on big decisions, no one is willing to sign-up to anything long term due to the financial risk.

What if there was a way to maintain flexibility for anything that could happen in the future whilst still being able to run your business out of an established office, have you considered a flexible office solution?

Flexible Office Agreements

Whether you are self-employed, a small business owner or a corporation looking to branch out, there are ways to make a flexible office work for you. With flexible licence agreements at Rombourne starting from a 3-month duration, we can accommodate your business and its needs for as long as you need. With such uncertain times, what could be good for your business at the time of signing a deal, might not work within 3 months and the last thing you want is to be committed to a long-term lease that you cannot get out of. Serviced offices allow you the flexibility to make the changes as you need.

Office Set Up

When you do decide that a serviced office is for you, you do not have to worry about the details, they are done for you. With modern interiors and professional IT and phone equipment, you can move in with immediate effect.

With no furniture needing to be moved in or IT equipment needing to be wired in, a serviced office provides immediate office solutions and allows your business to flourish organically with the ability to scale up your office space as the business grows.

The preparation of moving to a serviced office is considerably easier than if you were to start from scratch like you would in a traditional office. You are able to customise an office so you can have fixed desks or hot desking, you can make additions to the office such as access control if you need to be security conscious, you can even set up your own meeting room if you wish. From the time you move in, you can be up and working within half a day, with little loss to business.

A huge benefit is that you come to a building with a team that is already trained and knowledgeable of the area and who are willing to help with the smaller business details which are the last things you want to be dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Between the professional Reception teams and the dedicated Centre Managers, we do our best to help your business in every way possible whether that is as simple as posting a letter or more complex tasks like answering phones for the business.

Best Addresses

There are currently a lot of businesses looking to move outside of London. With large companies like Channel 4 moving part of their operation to Bristol, the South West seems to be a popular destination for business expansion. Serviced offices are ideal for branching out but without having to be there all the time.

Within Bristol and Cardiff, Rombourne can provide premium locations with prestigious business addresses so you still get the benefit of a well-known address but without the hassle of office set up. In addition, once you are a client with Rombourne you can use any of the sites: Bristol, Swindon, Cardiff or Newport to hold meetings so you have the added benefit of multiple locations. 

A Change of Thinking

Flexible office space has not always been considered such a viable option.  For many years, flexible office space was not the chosen option for larger brands and corporate occupiers who wanted to create their own identity through lavish and impressive office buildings.  But with the cost to do this, companies are steadily moving away from this trend.

With a rise in small business and self-employment there has been a shift of larger businesses looking for more flexibility, the BBC reported that, ‘Flexible working spaces are set to grow by up to 30% annually for the next five years across Europe.’ (BBC News) The need for flexible office space is on the rise and it is something you should certainly consider when looking for office space. When it comes to cutting costs and not having to worry about the little things, a serviced office is perfect for modern business.


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