How Can Serviced Offices Boost Productivity?

How Can Serviced Offices Boost Productivity

If, like many of us, you are feeling a bit sluggish and finding it hard to get going as we say goodbye to Christmas and move into the New Year, then it might be time to consider relocating your business to serviced offices.

Because, unlike some other working environments, being based in serviced offices – such as the ones we run in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon – can help you feel more productive, more efficient and give you the oomph you need to get cracking in January.

Here are six reasons why serviced offices help you hit the ground running in the New Year and set you up for the next 12 months ahead.

1. Minimising Distractions

Serviced offices are designed to be conducive to focused work. In January, when the post-holiday buzz might linger, and your home may still be covered in Christmas decorations, these spaces provide a calm environment, free from distractions.

With dedicated workstations, quiet zones, breakout spaces, and your own office accommodation, you can get on with your work without interruptions.

2. Flexible Accommodation & Services

You might have new projects to launch in the New Year or be recruiting for your team. This is where flexible office space comes into its own. Whether you need additional meeting rooms, scalable workspaces, or cutting-edge technology, the office space can quickly and seamlessly adapt to your changing business needs.

3. Creating A Collaborative Environment

New Year often marks the time for goal-setting, and one way to help set your goals and enable you to stay on course is through collaboration and sharing.

Serviced offices provide communal areas where teams can brainstorm and strategise. These shared spaces encourage teamwork, foster creativity and help boost employee productivity. You can also draw support from the other businesses based around you.

4. Professional Support

If you want to hit the ground running in January, having reliable office and IT support services is essential. Serviced offices, such as Rombourne’s, include administrative assistance, tech, and reception services, which allows you to focus on your business, knowing that operational and logistical aspects are expertly handled, minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency.

5. Wellness Initiatives

The New Year is often the start of a health drive for many, and serviced offices can ably support these initiatives. From ergonomic furniture to designated break areas, the offices are designed with wellness in mind. Often, they are located out of town, with ample parking and nearby facilities such as gyms and leisure centres, which you or your team can visit before or after work or during the lunch break.

6. Supporting Hybrid Working

Post-pandemic, the model of hybrid working arrangements is well-established and well-supported by the serviced office set-up.

And if, in January, you want to ease back gently into work, it is very simple to base yourself sometimes from home and at others in the office. Serviced offices provide a bridge between remote and office-based work. They accommodate the need for in-person collaboration while allowing the flexibility for remote work when necessary.


We do hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are now back in the New Year feeling refreshed and ready to go, and we’re sure that – if you do need a little more time or encouragement to get going – serviced offices provide a great solution.

If you’re considering locating your business in serviced offices, we have Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon centres. Please contact the team to find out more; we would be delighted to help.

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