Five Ways To Recruit Talented Candidates For Your Business

How To Recruit Talented Candidates For Your Business

In the UK, it’s been well-reported that we’re experiencing very low levels of unemployment. While the unemployment rate is now rising slightly, relatively few people are still seeking jobs compared to the number of vacancies that need filling. Although the job vacancy rate is now falling, it still stands at a staggering 1.1 million.

So, what can employers do to attract new recruits, when there is so much competition to appoint talented candidates?

At Rombourne, we’re not recruiters, although we’re pleased to have a number of recruitment companies based in our serviced offices and we’d love to mention a few here: Consult2Recruit in Bristol, RMG Digital in Swindon, Adecco in Cardiff and Berry Recruitment in Newport.

We have, however, picked up a few pointers about recruitment, which may be useful to any businesses out there wanting to increase the size of their team.

Below Are Some Tips For Recruitment Success

1. Be Flexible

In terms of office accommodation, flexibility is at the heart of what we offer at Rombourne, and this mantra can apply to employment too.

Those companies offering flexible working arrangements to their staff – for example, allowing hybrid working or working from home – increase their chances of attracting candidates.

2. Create A Great Working Environment

Both company ethos and the physical environment of a workplace can make a difference in a successful recruitment campaign. Companies with a reputation as good employers, which value their team, and are based in great premises, offering a comfortable workspace, will have the edge over competitors who are also recruiting.

3. Offer Attractive Benefits

A benefits package can be as important – sometimes more important – to potential recruits than the salary. A recent survey by Feedr revealed this is especially true of Gen Z employees, who’ll be in their twenties or teens.

According to this survey, food is a major perk for 18- to 29-year-olds, with 50 per cent expecting dedicated areas for eating and 30 per cent saying they’d like team lunches. Clients at Rombourne can certainly benefit from this, with our dedicated kitchens and breakout areas.

4. Seek Employee Endorsement

Along with clients and suppliers, a business’s teams can be its biggest advocates. So, why not harness this more formally, by offering a reward and incentive scheme for current members of staff who successfully bring in new candidates?

5. Build Relationships

It goes without saying that, when recruiting, businesses should use all the tried and trusted methods, including jobs fairs, jobs boards and the services of a recruitment company – we’ve already mentioned some of our clients, who all make a great recruitment partners. But connections and networks can help too.

Spreading the word among fellow businesses, that a company is recruiting, could also reach the ears of potential candidates. This is where being based among other businesses in serviced offices, like ours at Rombourne, brings yet another advantage.


Using some or all of our advice could go a little, or even a long way, towards increasing the chances of filling those vacancies. And we’re convinced that being based in smart, well-equipped serviced offices creates yet another advantage.

If you are interested in serviced offices, and have decided that Bristol, Cardiff, Newport or Swindon – is the idea location, the please get in touch with the Rombourne team. We would love to show you around.

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