Growing From Strength To Strength At Rombourne in Swindon


We love sharing client success stories, and one that stands out for us is Intaso.

Based at Rombourne’s Swindon serviced offices, Intaso has been with us since they were founded. Intaso is a headhunting and talent solution firm, working in the field of cyber and information security.

Thanks to their phenomenal success and expansion, they have increased the size of the offices they have with us more than once.

We’re with them on the journey and are so pleased we have been able to accommodate their growing needs.

Ryan Surry, Managing Director of Intaso, picks up the story.

“I’d been in recruitment for about 15 years and decided to set up on my own, so I founded Intaso in January 2020. It was supposed to be something of a lifestyle business but the market went nuts (in a good way). When lockdown hit, and people were working remotely, and where secured computer environments were so essential, the endpoint moved further away and the cyber market really took off.”

After working from home for a couple of months, Ryan took on a business partner. With Ryan in Chippenham and Jamie in Newbury, they began looking for office accommodation convenient for both.

“Rombourne being so close to the M4 junction was perfectly positioned between the two of us. When we took on a third person, who is based in Reading, it became even more convenient.

“We did look at other locations but Rombourne offered a nicer, warmer, more personal touch. We love being with Danielle, Daisy, Pauline and everyone here. We also loved the building itself, which had been newly refurbished, so it was clean, well-equipped and just a great place to be.”

With Ryan having young children, the handy drive-through Costa across the way from Kingston House was also a big attraction!

Intaso moved into a two-person office initially. Once they had more team members, a wall was removed to expand the space. With yet more recruits, a wall was removed for a second time.

“The flexibility Danielle and her team have provided has been amazing. We just wouldn’t get this with other serviced offices. So, when we said we needed to expand yet again, they were very helpful.”

Intaso now has a 20-person office, with a separate meeting room. They’ve been able to personalise the office space too, so have signs on the walls, a wall-mounted television and a golf putting green.

“It’s just great for the team, such a convenient location for people to commute to, and I can even pop in at weekends. I bring the kids in and they can often be found messing about on the whiteboard, while I get a bit of work done.

“When we need any work carried out Danielle and the whole team are very helpful. They even installed soundproofing for us. It’s a nice place to bring clients, and we also use the boardrooms on a weekly basis.”

If you would like to join Intaso and base your business in Rombourne’s serviced offices in Swindon, please get in touch with the team. We also have serviced offices in Bristol, Cardiff and Newport.

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