Ready To Move From Home To An Office? Here Is What You Need To know

Ready To Move From Home To An Office

Of the millions of businesses across the UK, almost three million are run from entrepreneurs’ homes. According to government statistics, these home-based businesses contribute around £300 billion in annual turnover to the UK economy, which means that they are a significant part of our commercial scene.

However, many home-based enterprises grow, and at that point, the business owners may be looking to move into offices in order to expand.

So, if this applies to you, how do you go about relocating from home to the office? Below are our top tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Work out how much space you need

It’s important to get office space that not only suits your needs now but has the flexibility to grow as your business grows. How many workstations do you need now, and what might you need in the future? How much space do you need for equipment? Will you adopt a hybrid working arrangement, with hotdesking for staff, or will everyone be based in the office? Answering these questions will give you a good starting point.

2. What is your budget?

Not only will you need to pay for office rent, you must take into account other costs, such as utilities. Establishing your budget will help stop you wasting time looking at ‘nice to have’ places which are beyond your means (at the moment, anyway!). Bear in mind the location when you are looking for an office. Locations away from prime sites may tick all the boxes without the high-ticket price.

3. Do your research

Look at different options and compare them; don’t jump at the first available space that comes along. A little like moving home, you need to think carefully before committing.

4. Plan your move

Create a timeline with key dates for packing, moving, and setting up. Remember to let stakeholders – including clients, suppliers, and partners – know about your move and provide them with the new address.

Update your business address on your website, business cards, and marketing materials.

If your home address is also your business’s registered address with Companies House, you will need to inform them of the change.

You may have to update policies and procedures to make them relevant to your new location.

5. Prepare for the move

Declutter before you move. It’s a great opportunity to shed unnecessary items and papers (ensuring you comply with data protection rules if disposing of any sensitive material). This will make packing and moving easier.

Pack any office equipment, furniture, and supplies carefully, and label boxes clearly to make unpacking straightforward.

Be mindful of moving your IT infrastructure and look after your data. As always, ensure it is backed up.

6. Setting up

Set up and unpack quickly and carefully so you are ready to start business as soon as possible. If computers, phones, and the internet have to be installed, you may need support from an IT provider.

7. Settling In

Once you are installed, unpacked and ready to go, take a moment to celebrate a successful move. You’ve just started a new chapter for your business!

Require Flexible Office Space?

At Rombourne, we provide flexible office space, which is ideal for business owners wanting to relocate from home to office for the first time. Our spaces can grow as your company grows; all utilities are available, including IT and internet, and our friendly reception team provides a warm welcome to you, your team, and your visitors.

If you are interested in serviced office accommodation in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport or Swindon, please get in touch to find out more.

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