3 Common Myths About Serviced Offices

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Rombourne has been providing office space solutions for the last 40 years and over that time we’ve learnt many things along the way – what our clients like, what solutions they need, and perhaps more importantly, what they don’t like or need.

For prospects who haven’t quite become our clients yet, it seems that there are certain myths about using a serviced office space vs. leasing your own office. So let’s take a closer look at some of these myths.

1. Serviced Offices Are Expensive

A common misconception when it comes to renting serviced offices is that it’s more expensive compared to renting your own office space. Whilst this may seem to be the case initially, take a closer look at the myriad of other expenses and costs included with your rent, we think you’ll feel differently.

Here are just a few examples of the costs which are included in your monthly rental:

  • Business rates
  • Service charges
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture (including repairs)
  • Reception and admin personnel
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance charges

If you add up the cost of all those charges, more often than not, using a serviced office becomes a far more cost-effective proposition.

2. Higher Telecom Charges

Think telecom charges at a serviced office are higher? We beg to differ. Serviced office companies like Rombourne with multiple locations usually benefit from having greater buying power from telecom companies than a smaller business would, which means that in most cases, your overall telecom charges may actually be less.

At Rombourne, we strive to become a provider of premium office spaces whilst keeping our prices as competitive as possible – which means that the discounts we receive from our telecom and internet service providers are passed on to you, our end user.

3. You Pay For Facilities You’re Not Going To Use

This may or may not be true depending on your serviced office company.

Yes, we’re aware that many of our competitors include the cost of various facilities within their monthly rental charges. These could be meeting rooms, the gym or the audio/video room, for example.

If that’s the case, then yes, there’s a chance that you’re having to pay for facilities and services that you’re not going to use; resulting in wasteful expenditure.

At Rombourne, however, we don’t include the cost of additional facilities into your monthly rental. This means that you’ll only ever pay for the services which you actually use. Of course, if and when you require any additional facilities, such as a meeting room, all you have to do it is book and pay for it separately.

We believe this offers much more value for your investment.

What’s more,  we try hard to give you a precise overview of all charges and costs so that you won’t find any nasty surprises in the way of an unexpected bill!


We hope you find this short guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or are looking for a tailor-made office solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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