How Does A Serviced Office Compare To A Traditional Office Lease?

Rombourne serviced office space

Signing an office lease can be a drawn-out and potentially time-consuming process. Finding the perfect location within your available budget; with a company offering suitable Terms & Conditions, are just some of the things you have to consider. Not to mention other factors such as IT, telephony, furniture and workspace design.

So, what’s the solution? Enter; serviced offices.

A serviced office offers all the benefits that come with your own office space but without the headaches.


For starters, unlike traditional office leases which tie you to (often lengthy) fixed terms, serviced offices have flexible contracts with much shorter time commitments.

This is of huge benefit to businesses, as of course it directly impacts the ability to grow. The ability to move in, plug in, and simply get on with your business straight away is very appealing; as is the knowledge that office space can be quickly expanded or decreased, with virtually no hassle.

Looking at it in reverse, an example could be that of a company based in Cardiff which is expanding into the Home Counties. It needs to find an office with quick and easy access to the M4/Thames Valley corridor, but without the London price tag – and it needs it fast.  Kingston House in Swindon would be ideal for them, and if they’re in a serviced office, they can move lock stock and barrel within a month.

But had they been in a traditional leased office, it’s likely that they would have found it difficult to terminate their contract early without paying a hefty charge.


Let’s say you’ve found the perfect office space in the perfect location with the perfect contract.  What’s next?

Getting your IT and telephone system in place, furnishing your office, Health & Safety requirements…to name a few.

This on its own can be a seriously daunting process, especially if you haven’t done it. Not only would this have an impact on your capital expenditure but taking the wrong decision such as non-ergonomic chairs (you’ll be surprised to find how often this happens!) can also have an impact on your employee’s productivity and therefore, your business output and ultimately, the bottom line.

A serviced office provider however, takes care of all this for you.

Apart from moving the business essentials such as your computers, files, paperwork and so on, there’s not much to do as it’s all been taken care off.

Not only can this be a great time-saver, but it also helps your business hit the ground running!

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