Our serviced offices at Aztec West undergo a refresh

Kitchen area, 130 Aztec West serviced office

How we’re developing and refreshing the design of our offices with Omni Design.

At Rombourne, we take great pride in the appearance of our serviced offices, as well as the quality of the facilities and the services we provide. This is why we’re consistently updating and developing our various centres, which are located throughout the UK in Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, and Swindon.

When it comes to our serviced offices, we aim for them to be completely functional to suit each clients’ needs, while still fitting in with each building’s unique design and features. Due to a number of factors, such as the age of some of our buildings and a change in customer demands, Rombourne are currently working with Omni Design Ltd to refresh our centres to suit our client’s need.

130 Aztec West serviced office - corridor Having worked with Rombourne for many years, Omni Design Ltd have recently supported the design and refreshment of the kitchens, corridors, and reception area in 130 Aztec West, which is just one of our Bristol centres.

Next on our development list is another Bristol location; our St Brandon’s House centre. Being an older building with a lot of history, work is being completed to ensure the existing kitchen and toilet facilities are made more modern and accessible!

In our Welsh centres, Omni Design also redesigned the Excalibur reception area in 2016, and installed new carpets for all common parts of our Merlin House centre in late 2017. We’re also embarking on a complete refreshment of the common parts of Sophia House in Cardiff. This will include a new kitchen, toilets, carpets, doors, and reception area. Sophia House consists of 3 buildings, and the rear will also receive redecoration and carpeting, as will 26 Cathedral Road.

With over 25 years of experience in interior design for offices, universities, restaurants and hotels, the Omni Design team are a great choice to contribute to Rombourne’s refreshment project. Below, Faris and Julie from Omni Design share their experience of developing 130 Aztec…

Hi, both! How long have you been working with Rombourne to refresh their serviced offices?

Omni Design Ltd have been working with Rombourne for approximately 13 years.

What was the brief for the development project?

Since the late 1990s, Faris and Mr Donovan have been pushing each other to achieve a prestigious feel and look for the various Rombourne locations.

On their travels, Mr and Mrs Donovan would spot a range of interesting products and design touches to get inspired by. Many of these concepts are brought back to us at Omni Design, and we incorporate or re-invent the value of some of these concepts into the various locations we design.

This specific project involved an on-going quest to find the best ideas and products, as well as how we could incorporate them into Rombourne’s various buildings as they became available for refreshment. To aid this process, we’d meet regularly to exchange ideas and refine the way forward.

How did you go about designing the new layout for Rombourne’s centres? Explain the process…

Given the number of years Omni Design have worked with Rombourne, we have a great understanding of the Rombourne company and product, and their likely client base. This enables us to design around these requirements to maximise their return on investment.

Ensuring that the products we use for the original design and developments can withstand the test of time and look great for many years helps to keep Rombourne ahead of the curve!

130 Aztec West serviced office - kitchen

Where did you find inspiration for the new look and feel of Rombourne’s centres?

The Rombourne ‘feel’ is not one static design idea, as each centre is very different. Each of the centres has been considered individually for its merit. This was in-line with current trends at the time of design, which were then applied to achieve a worthwhile asset.

What have you enjoyed most about working on this project?

We’d have to say the collaboration and common interests in delivering the best product to a budget!

What has been your favourite renovation you’ve completed on Rombourne’s centres?

Every project we’ve completed has been extremely fulfilling, because they’re developed from concept to completion along a theme that all who are involved in the project are excited to deliver. Each centre has its own identity and limitations, and these need to be moulded to suit the Rombourne model of a prestigious, flexible, and up-to-date working environment that keeps with current trends.

What projects are you excited to work on next?

We’re looking forward to completing the development of 130 Aztec as this particular centre has been familiar to us since its purchase as a Canon Building.

This was originally quite testing from a design point of view as the building has red windows and doors throughout. However, the new scheme for 130 Aztec embraces the concept of urban industrial, which means the red windows and doors are now at home.

We’re also looking forward to seeing the centre piece resolved, with that including the reception area, and stairwell of the building.

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