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Virtual offices – get a month for free

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Virtual Offices – all the benefits of a staffed office in a prime location but without the costs. Using a business centre address can give a fantastic impression, especially if you want to appear bigger than you are, or if you need to test the waters of a new location before actually moving there.

For just £35/month, you could be using any one of our 7 prestigious business addresses in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport or Swindon on all your marketing materials and stationery.

For £75/month, we’ll handle all your telephone calls from a number of your choice. Your incoming calls will never be met by an engaged tone, and our hi-tech IT systems allow us to transfer the calls to wherever you’d like. Plus you get remote access to a dedicated voicemail service.

For £99 to £110/month, we offer a full virtual office package which includes use of the centre address, full receptionist services, free fax number and dedicated line and full access to boardroom and meeting facilities.

Set-up takes as little as 24 hours, and there is no long term commitment, with a minimum contract of just one month for the telephone and full office packages.

Terms apply, so contact us to find out more.