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VoIP is an acronym for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and is a method of transferring real-time voice audio over an IP (‘Internet Protocol’) data network like the internet, rather than using a traditional telephone line.

The reason for the prevalence of VoIP is that it gives significant benefits compared to traditional ‘legacy’ telephone systems.

Costs Savings This is the most attractive feature of VoIP and is particularly noticeable where long distance phone call charges are concerned.  Unlike an old-fashioned telephone call which uses a traditional telephone line for 100% of the connection, with VOIP the majority of voice data will travel freely over the Internet, only dropping off on to a traditional telephone line for the final (local) part of the call.

Phone Portability  A traditional phone line is hardwired with a dedicated number which cannot easily be moved from one location to another. In comparison, VoIP telephony allows you to connect your phone anywhere there is a quality internet connection. Many business people are already travelling all over the world using the same number.

Service Mobility Wherever your phone goes, the services go as well. This includes everything from personalised call settings and voicemail access to security features, call logs and user policies.

Integration with other Applications  Because VoIP connects to the Internet, it is increasingly possible for your telephone to collaborate and iteract with web based business applications. Typical examples are voicemail delivery to Outlook email, click-to-call on website, voice call button on an email, presence information on a contact list.

Ease of User Control Interface VoIP telephony user controls are easily accessible and are normally accessed via a website. This means users can change and manage features, options and services wherever there is an internet connection. Typical examples, included speed dial, call forwarding, on hold music option, anonymous call block, contact lists, and so on.

No Geographical Boundary The VoIP service area becomes virtualised without geographical limit. In other words, the area code or country code is no longer bound to specific location. For example you could live in Hong Kong but subscribe to a U.K. phone number, which makes it possible that all calls to the U.K. become domestic calls, which means cheaper call rates.

Feature Rich.  VOIP telephony is increasingly feature rich and can include an astonishing array of functions which will benefit businesses. Some of the more useful include.

  • Find Me Follow Me – Mobile workers will find this feature useful. Find me/follow me call routing allows you to create a list of numbers where you can be found before the call gets pushed to voicemail. So, for example, you might have your office phone ring twice, but on the third ring, your cell phone starts to ring, and then on the fifth, your home phone. If the list is exhausted, the caller gets sent to voicemail.
  • Coaching Tool – Instead of giving your employees advice after they’ve finished the call, give them advice while they’re actually on the call. Two features can help you train and monitor your employees’ on-phone performance: barge and whisper. Barge allows you to listen to a conversation between an employee and a client without interrupting. You can alert them — or decide not to. Whisper allows you to provide advice, tips, and information to your employees while they are on the phone with a client without the client being aware.
  • Auto Attendant – An auto attendant is one of the gems found on a premium VoIP services. This feature allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Your business will suddenly seem more professional and impressive. It’s like having an electronic receptionist!

We hope you found this useful! For information about Rombourne’s VoIP and technologies, please see our technology pages.

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