Welcoming Swindon Financial Services to Rombourne

Swindon Financial Services

Swindon is a real hub for service-based businesses and for them, serviced offices make an ideal headquarters. Here we chat to Alex Wilkie, whose company – Swindon Financial Services – was among the first to move into the newly refurbished top floor of our Swindon venue.

Tell us about Swindon Financial Services

Having spent a number of years advising clients in the banking sector, I decided to set my own business up in 2008, which was when Swindon Financial Services was born.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to grow our client base year on year with referrals from our existing clients, as well as from professionals such as accountants and solicitors. With this growth our team has expanded over the years, now we have three financial planners working with clients, supported by our back office team.

This meant we needed a larger office, along with room to grow further and add more space as we need it. This is how I see Kingston House in Swindon being able develop our business, in that is offers us the space we will need grow.

Why did you decide to base your office at Kingston House, Swindon?

We were looking for a modern office setting that reflects our business, in a convenient location for us and our clients.

Why did you choose Rombourne as your serviced office provider?

Having looked at other providers, I felt that Rombourne offered us a competitive deal and the offices have an extremely modern look and feel. There is the option of several boardrooms to use when we have clients or visitors, that will certainly help to enhance the profile of our business.

What type of office space did you require?

We were looking for a main office with a smaller office for one of us to use if we need some privacy for one to one meetings, webinars or training sessions.

How did you find out about Rombourne?

Via an internet search for office space in Swindon.

What were your main requirements when looking for a new office?

Value for money and a professional environment that reflects our business.

How does Rombourne meet the needs of your business?

By providing us with a modern office setting, with good IT infrastructure and being in a convenient location.

What is your favourite thing about your office?

It’s a bright and airy environment to work in.

Would you recommend Rombourne to other businesses? If so tell us why!

Yes, for the modern office environment they are offering I found them to be extremely competitive. The Centre Manager Danielle Mottram was very professional in her dealings with us while making our decision, and Danielle and her team have been very supportive during our first few months when them.

What office essential(s) do you take to work? Which ones can’t you live without?

As sad as it is, I do have a favourite mug for my tea, so that was the first thing that was packed for the move. We did feel the need for a bit of greenery in the office, so we do have a very well looked after office plant now.

What advice would you give businesses when choosing a new office space?

Just to visualise how you are going to use the office and who will be visiting. Also bear in mind any further growth there might be, and ensure this is available, as you don’t want to be moving every couple of years.

What would be your number one office etiquette tip?

A friendly smile, even on the bad days, as this makes everyone feel better.

It’s great to have Alex and his team as our clients at Kingston House in Swindon. We provide superior serviced office space in Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon, so if you are thinking of relocating to and would like to see what Rombourne offers, please get in touch.

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