Case Study: Meet Jordan, Cardiff’s Senior Receptionist!

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At Rombourne, we pride ourselves on providing great looking offices in prime locations across the UK, including Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swindon. We’re also proud of our centres high-quality facilities, our flexible rental agreements, and the unbeatable level of client support our team provides. As a business, we believe it’s …

A reception area and service to impress

How Flexible Working Is Changing The Way Businesses Rent Offices

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The routes to renting office space in the South West are evolving with the traditional leased office under threat from more flexible options. Danielle Mottram, centre manager of serviced office provider Rombourne’s Kingston House office in Swindon, looks at some of the alternatives on offer and compares the strengths of …

Office worker suffering from a cold office

Preparing your office for the new season: autumn and winter

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As we leave summer behind and move into the autumn months, we can see the days gradually getting shorter, and the weather getting colder and wetter. This is something that’s only going to continue as we head closer to winter, presenting increased health and safety risks for your employees. This …

Coping with work and kids

Tips for small businesses: accommodating working parents

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Running a business is a rewarding yet challenging experience for many people. However, one of the most critical aspects of ensuring success in the long-term is creating a productive and balanced environment for employees, especially working parents. As workforces become more diverse in talent and personal circumstances, it’s essential to …

Choosing the right office

Identifying the right office for your business

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Choosing the right office for your business doesn’t just ensure you give a good impression to both new and current customers that visit your premises. It should also give your company the room it needs to grow, and it can even play a key role in ensuring the health and …

More businesses are choosing to locate out of London

Why UK businesses should have support functions outside of London

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London is renowned for being the business capital of Europe, and it has the largest technology market of any European city (employing more than a quarter of a million people within the sector), as well as the strongest economy of any developed nation. However, despite being a leading commercial centre, …

Business grants available for SMEs in Wales

Funding opportunities for medium-sized businesses

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You may have a great concept for a product or service offering, but one of the most important aspects of starting and operating a successful business is ensuring that you actually have the funds to put these ideas into action. This can be especially relevant for small and medium sized …

The prospect of starting a new job can be daunting

7 Top Tips When You’re the New Person in the Office

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We’ve all been there, equal amounts excited and apprehensive about our first day in our new job. Doesn’t matter how many times you start a new job, it’s just as daunting. What if people aren’t friendly? What if you fail to make a good impression? Worst of all, what if …

A tidy desk can help clear your mind for more focused thinking

How to Feng Shui your desk

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Increase your happiness and productivity – Feng Shui your desk Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes your environment has a profound effect on many areas of your life, from your wealth and prosperity, to your health, relationships, and even the success of your career. According to Feng …